Wednesday, May 30, 2012

He IS a purty boy!!!

We took Stryker to the dog show in Albuquerque and he did so well. John and Zack dragged his crate into the show hall and we kept him there for a little while. One of the Rottweiler club members who is a judge ( not in the Rot ring ) suggested we take him out of the crate and see how he did. No barking, no aggression ( although he was super interested in the English bulldogs and the Poodles - probably thought those lil balls on Poodles hind ends were chew toys of some sort ) but interest only. Very calm and very good. Both judges and handlers thought he was beautiful. One of the top handlers in the country has said he would take him, train him for the ring and show him.

I am conflicted. I dont want to send him away and I dont want him shown without being there. The handler goes to shows all over the country and it is tempting to just say yes. Stryker is only 14 months old...still a big baby but he looks like the adult dogs we saw, except, of course, better looking. Still mulling things over....

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Just can't do it ...

What I posted yesterday still holds true...there will be no puppies. However, comma, it will not be Stryker going under the knife. Schatzi will, when she is old enough, be the one who is neutered. With her shy, retiring attitude I dont think she would make the best of mothers. Rotties shouldn't be agressive but they shouldnt be wussies either. I know she is very young ( not yet 5 months old ) and her attitude could change but at this point I do not see her as a Rot-mom ( and I still do NOT want to mid-wife a dozen+ pups )!!!

Tomorrow we are taking Stryker to Albuquerque for a meet and greet with the NM Rottweiler club members and some handlers to see if they think he is as gorgeous as I do ( Westminster Dog Show anyone ??? ). If he is show material I think I will be getting involved doing that. I have way too much time on my hands and need something more than chipmunk counting to occupy my days when John is gone.  We shall see....

Stryker may not know it but he is one lucky dog !!

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

No puppies!!!

I know for a fact that rotties have HUGE litters....10-12 is not at all unusual. I know how cute puppies are and I do love them but I am soooo not doing the midwife thing again. It was bad enough when my poms had big litters ( 5 is a big litter for them  ) and I was changing the birthing box papers 3 times a day, cleaning up the food they walked in, the water they spilled and the crap they spread through all of the above.

That being said, I still feel very guilty about doing what we are going to do to Stryker on Friday. Ok, we arent personally gonna be doing the chopping off of things but still....I feel bad. Mostly because he is the brightest, sweetest and most loving dog I have even owned. He would make an excellent stud and his pups would be gorgeous but I just can not allow it.

Part of that reasoning is I mentioned before, she is sweet and has a beautiful face but as for brains....well, not so much. All the lights are on but we are pretty sure nobody is home. How a dog can have a blank look I do not know butt she does...huh???? Then there is the issue of trying to keep a 106lb dog from doing what comes naturally for the next year and a half. Right.

Surgery is Friday. Sigh. I know this is the right thing to do but I still feel awful about it.