Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Wind, water and fire

Before moving to New Mexico we had our share of interesting weather. Tropical storms and their big brothers, hurricanes. A few earthquakes....some tsunamis that didnt amount to much. Still, when you dont know how bad a hit you will take, you prepare as best you can, stay glued to the news and wait.

We didnt think much about wildfires prior to the move. That has changed. We have been breathing Arizona smoke for weeks and now we have wildfire of our own. It is threatening Los Alamos...home of the National lab and repository for all kinds of nasty, radioactive chemicals. The smoke here in Angel Fire was so thick yesterday that Wheeler Peak was not visible and there is ash everywhere.

I asked John, if it gets close and I have to evacuate, what besides the dogs should be taken. Important papers says he and his TV. HAHAHAHA. That sucker is the size of a kitchen table and is mounted about 15 ft up the wall. Uh-huh....that would be my first choice too....NOT.
( I have visions of it strapped to the roof of the car...though how it would get there is beyond me, literally!)

I have to admit that moving here has been many things....but never boring

Monday, June 27, 2011

Oh deer....and other "tails" on the trail

Truth be told we dont really live on a trail. It just feels like it. Until the potholes were patched three days ago it would have been possible to drive a mini cooper into one and never be seen again. A slight exaggeration.....but not by much.

I have been taking Stryker, aka "Thud", down to the country club's playground to hit the walking trails around it. Dont be impressed by the whole "country club thing...its much less impressive than it sounds, is open to the public and membership comes with owning a house or condo here.

Driving home it is often "dodge the critter" time and for the most part they are small, furry and very fast. I have yet to hit anything, for which I am truly grateful. Yesterday was a bit different. I caught movement on the passenger side in my peripheral vision. I looked over and lo and behold, keeping pace with the car was a mule deer. I slammed on the brakes, thinking it might try to cross the road. Sure enough.....it bounded ( mule deer dont really run, they sorta bounce) across the road right in front of me. I thought " wonder if she has friends...." and sure enough, out came a little friend. Both disappeared into the woods while I sat there trying to breathe.

Guess the post should have been headed "OH!!! Deer!!!!

Thursday, June 23, 2011

The ugly truth about butterflies

For the most part, I do love all of God's various creatures with a few exceptions. I have plans to ask, when I see Him, the why of mosquitoes and cockroaches. The latter I have had extensive contact with, in the form of flying B-52 roaches in Hawaii that invariably fly at a person instead of away. Matter of fact, I am a screamer when they get too close and have daughters and at least 2 granddaughters who scream in the same key when confronted with them. The neighbors in Hawaii thought it was hysterical...and so did we, but in different ways. They thought it was funny...us not so much.

Which brings me to butterflies. Bright yellow ones with black borders are flitting and fluttering here. Yes, I know, they are supposed to inspire delight and joy. When their likeness is printed on something...anything really, they do. However, comma, ( those who read this blog on a regular basis know what is coming) they are BUGS. They start out as creepy slug like things who web their creepy selves into also creepy cocoons, then they hatch, chew their way out or whatever, and FLY IN YOUR FACE. From a distance, great. Up close, its a butterfly death wish as I will do whatever necessary to get them away from me, including smush them to a fine paste.

I know it is not a good thing but seriously...I dont fly in butterfly faces...the least they can do is stay out of mine, if they want to live. Its not too much to ask is it? Ok, I know they have a brain smaller than a grain of rice, but still......they are bugs, pretty ones but BUGS!!

Monday, June 20, 2011

The Pom-Rottie war

In addition to my Dad's visit, we also had our eldest daughter and two of her kids visit this week....and they brought 2 dogs and a cat, bringing the total canine population to 6. The cat was not impressed....but did manage to find places to "hang out".

Stryker does play well with others but likes to play tug of war. So far its an even battle but given a few months, Stryker will prevail.

One for the decades.....

That is how long it had been, decades, since I spent time with my Dad. We have visited occasionally when in Phoenix but they were short visits and most of what we discussed was superficial.

This visit was different. Dad and his friend Rita were here in Angel Fire for the 22nd Annual NMMI Trailride. They stayed at our condo, a 10 minute ride from the house, and they visited with us every day.

Dad is the man who was, in every way except one, my Father. He was and is one of the most honest, honorable and moral persons ever to have crossed my path. He taught me those things, not only with words but by his actions. Never just talking the talk but walking the walk. Not that I always listened during the teen years.....

Sometimes it takes the perspective of age to see what gifts we have been given. My Dad was and now is again, one of the biggest blessings in my life. It has taken me a long time to realize that the relationship between my Mom and Dad was not about me. Yes, it was painful and yes, I was an up-close-and-personal observer but it was not MY relationship.

How lovely, after all these years, to be able to say "Happy Father's Day". I love you Dad!!

Thursday, June 16, 2011

New babies take time.....even canine ones

Its been awhile since I blogged but I do have a good excuse. Stryker has ( finally, finally!!) started sleeping past 0'dark thirty in the morning. Not to say its dark out when he gets up....no no. As soon as the sun is up, so is he. He is crated at night and does not want to "mess" his sleeping quarters sooooo...as soon as the sun is up ( or as soon as I make a trip to the bathroom ) sleeping is OVER.

Having a pom yelp at you is one thing....having a Rottie baby do the same thing is an entirely different story. They are very vocal and very LOUD. If we actually had neighbors they would have called the cop ( ok, in reality we have three ) on us.

Now a picture of our high-strung, really tense Rottweiler (coughsnortcough). A real tough cookie.