Thursday, June 23, 2011

The ugly truth about butterflies

For the most part, I do love all of God's various creatures with a few exceptions. I have plans to ask, when I see Him, the why of mosquitoes and cockroaches. The latter I have had extensive contact with, in the form of flying B-52 roaches in Hawaii that invariably fly at a person instead of away. Matter of fact, I am a screamer when they get too close and have daughters and at least 2 granddaughters who scream in the same key when confronted with them. The neighbors in Hawaii thought it was hysterical...and so did we, but in different ways. They thought it was not so much.

Which brings me to butterflies. Bright yellow ones with black borders are flitting and fluttering here. Yes, I know, they are supposed to inspire delight and joy. When their likeness is printed on something...anything really, they do. However, comma, ( those who read this blog on a regular basis know what is coming) they are BUGS. They start out as creepy slug like things who web their creepy selves into also creepy cocoons, then they hatch, chew their way out or whatever, and FLY IN YOUR FACE. From a distance, great. Up close, its a butterfly death wish as I will do whatever necessary to get them away from me, including smush them to a fine paste.

I know it is not a good thing but seriously...I dont fly in butterfly faces...the least they can do is stay out of mine, if they want to live. Its not too much to ask is it? Ok, I know they have a brain smaller than a grain of rice, but still......they are bugs, pretty ones but BUGS!!

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