Thursday, June 16, 2011

New babies take time.....even canine ones

Its been awhile since I blogged but I do have a good excuse. Stryker has ( finally, finally!!) started sleeping past 0'dark thirty in the morning. Not to say its dark out when he gets no. As soon as the sun is up, so is he. He is crated at night and does not want to "mess" his sleeping quarters soon as the sun is up ( or as soon as I make a trip to the bathroom ) sleeping is OVER.

Having a pom yelp at you is one thing....having a Rottie baby do the same thing is an entirely different story. They are very vocal and very LOUD. If we actually had neighbors they would have called the cop ( ok, in reality we have three ) on us.

Now a picture of our high-strung, really tense Rottweiler (coughsnortcough). A real tough cookie.

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  1. Glad you and the new little one are doing fine I was wondering about your absence from our little bloggy world. Happy to see all is OK.