Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Wind, water and fire

Before moving to New Mexico we had our share of interesting weather. Tropical storms and their big brothers, hurricanes. A few earthquakes....some tsunamis that didnt amount to much. Still, when you dont know how bad a hit you will take, you prepare as best you can, stay glued to the news and wait.

We didnt think much about wildfires prior to the move. That has changed. We have been breathing Arizona smoke for weeks and now we have wildfire of our own. It is threatening Los Alamos...home of the National lab and repository for all kinds of nasty, radioactive chemicals. The smoke here in Angel Fire was so thick yesterday that Wheeler Peak was not visible and there is ash everywhere.

I asked John, if it gets close and I have to evacuate, what besides the dogs should be taken. Important papers says he and his TV. HAHAHAHA. That sucker is the size of a kitchen table and is mounted about 15 ft up the wall. Uh-huh....that would be my first choice too....NOT.
( I have visions of it strapped to the roof of the car...though how it would get there is beyond me, literally!)

I have to admit that moving here has been many things....but never boring

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  1. I'm sorry that the horrible fires are moving your way; or at least the smoke at this point. That must be terrifying to breath in the smoke and not know what's beyond it. Nature can be a scary thing when it unleashes it's powers.
    Don't forget the photos!

    I'm gonna look into reporting that problem your having with commenting on my blog to blogger and see if we can get it fixed, sorry!
    And stay safe OK
    Prayers to you and yours.