Monday, September 30, 2013

On to eating in MO

And then there was Springfield, MO. Oh wow !
We had to "park" there in Springfield because the truck had to have a different kind of hook-up installed. This was a good thing. While we were parked, there was an enormous thunderstorm with gallons of rain. The trailer leaked...and the seller was able to send a fix it man to fix it. He was awesome. Named "Waco" can guess where he hailed from. He rocked it. Fixed the shower stall that you could get into but not out of....fixed the leaks, fixed the fridge door that did not lock. He was awesome.
Next door....literally steps from the door of the trailer, was a place called "Lamberts...home of the throwed rolls". And, yes, they "throwed" their rolls. Like Pete's Place, they had all you could eat fare. Order a main dish and they would bring around fried taters with onions, fresh rolls ( if you dont catch one, they keep throwin' them  until you do ) macaroni with maters and sweet peppers, fried okra and you cannot eat all they bring. Wow.
I cant wait till we are on the road again......

Nope....did not order them

No....we did not order the "lamb fries". The wonderful thing about this restuarant is that it comes with so many freebies. The fresh, hot baked bread, the anti-pasto, the salad, the spagetti, ravioli, the meatballs...all of which are "endless". You can order just the spagetti plate ( which includes all of the above, in endless quantities ) or add an entre.
What is rather sad, in my mind, is that the quality of the sauce on all the above items SUCK. Maybe I am just used to fresh herbs and spices or maybe my hubby's Noni was just a better cook.
The waitress was shocked ( shocked, I tell ya !!) that we did not want take-out boxes. Ummm, no. She even told us that "Reba" came there often. Makes me sad that folks think this is good Italian food. Have no idea how they have stayed in business this long, if it were not for the " all you can eat" feature. Seriously.
Got a t-shirt anyway. Interesting, if nothing else.

Sunday, September 29, 2013

Maybe its time.... start blogging again.
So much has happened. Loki died in my arms and I miss him. A Pom who didnt know he was the smallest dog in the house.
We bought a travel trailer....and maybe that makes us trailer trash...not sure.
We got a new (used) truck to pull it and put 1400 miles on it the first week we had it. Discovered a leak in the trailer and the seller fixed it while we were camped in MO.
I am looking forward to seeing this country and will post when I can while we travel. I have seen so much of this world in Europe and Asia and so little of the USA.
Excited and a bit scared...but looking forward to the journey.
So far we have had some luck with the food, if not the lodging on the way to pick up the trailer.
A place called "Pete's Place" in Krebs, OK. Open since 1925. Italian, or so they say. The place for "lamb fries"....which is the same as "mountain oysters" except these "fries" are thin sliced, batter dipped and fried.
Did not know this ( and had not ordered them ) until an older  gentleman, he reminded me of my Dad, got a look on his face that can only be described as rhapsodic, told us about them.

Sunday, March 3, 2013

Silence is......

....really quiet. Not to say, that with 5 dogs it is ever truly quite, butt without any cable it is more still than I am used to. I had no idea how quiet it could be.

I put the TV on in the morning just to hear the weather ( mostly another human voice ) or the "breaking news", whatever that entails. I have it on, just for the noise.

The cable went out on Thursday, last week. It was fixed today. This has been a blessing in disguise. Silence is hard to handle if you have not asked for it.

Yesterday our Pastor gave a message on prayer, on how we dont make time for it...on how the shortest distance between ourselves and God is from our knees to the ground. How we need to forgive those we see as having damaged or hurt us. On just letting it go.

When I talked to Msgr. Collatta on Ash Wednesday about my other failures when it came to Lenten sacrifices,  he told me to give up anger. I almost fainted. I cannot think, nor could I then, of something harder to give up. Not just anger at family ( the easiest to  be angry with ) or others of our faith or others of our state or country.....but ALL anger. OMGoodness....seriously ?

And oh, how I have failed. I do not remember being this angry at so many for so little in my entire life. Go ahead and say there is no "evil" entity....I beg to differ.

Monday, January 21, 2013

Pleased....and mortified

Today I watched Barrack Hussain Obama take the oath of office of the President for the second time. I am grateful that we have a continuation of power that was not marred by violence. I am grateful to live in this nation and I love it.

I am sickened that this man was elected, not once but twice and that his "faith" in God is so occasional  and his faith in this country is so conditional. I hate all that he stands for and all that he espouses as his beliefs. He  is NOT Christian ; not as I understand Christianity. He is not a lover of least not the America I grew up loving and beliving in. He is not even close to anyone I would have voted for....and yet.....he is standing in front of this entire country proclaiming his love for it. The next 4 years will give proof to what he has already begun...which is the shredding of the Constitution.

I pray for him wisdom and knowledge and love of country. I do not think he has it in him although I do know God Himself coud enlighten him. I do believe he wants this country to be you ? While I am pleased this affair of State went without issues.....I am sickened that Obama is still POTUS.

Think on this.

God help us all

Thursday, January 17, 2013

I only miss two things about "city living"

There is not much I miss about living on an island only 45 miles around with almost a million people on it. I do NOT miss hearing my neighbor in the shower, doing whatever he does and listening to it.  The houses are so close its embarrassing. I do not  miss being in traffic for over an hour to go 16 miles. I do NOT miss having to fly whenever we want to go somewhere other than that cursed  island. Matter of fact, I HATED living in Hawaii ; paradise my sorry white ass. Hated it. From the moment I got there -  that was in '71 -  till the day I left and that was only in '09. Hated it. With the exception of the fast food...(and yes, these are fast food in Hawaii  ..  Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Vietnamese, Portuguese ...etc )   available....that I do miss.

 I sincerely do not miss that hot mess that is the " Peoples Republic of Hawaii ". It is as communist - or Facist - depending on your politcal stance,  a state as you can get, outside of Cuba.  ( That is one of  Odumbo's 57 states, right ??) Democraps control the state and I hated that. There is no " 2 party "thing there. If you are not a Democrap, you have little chance of being big in politics in Hawaii.  That being said, there are two things I do miss.  ( I know, the food makes it three ).

I definately miss garbage trucks that pick up stuff in front of my house. I hate having to slog my nasty,stinking stuff down the mountain for pick up. I hate having to lift all that smelly, drippy stuff into my car. I hate having to try and  find an empty bin and lift all this stuff into a hole that has two kinds of locks ( bears are smart critters and can open most garbage bins if they dont lock more than one way ) and try and shove said bags in , while holding said doors open....good luck with that one.

I also miss USPS mail delivery, to my door. Sigh. What a simple thing it is...yet huge. Imagine wondering if your driveway is too slick with ice to get out and if its ok, wondering if the "street" is clear enough to drive without the dreaded " fishtail" action. Always interesting...if not downright terrifying.

All things considered....I am in paradise now....and I am (mostly) "Lovin' it ".


Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Mysteries from the frozen depths.....

I am not talking about things frozen in my yard...although there could be some of those too. Nay, nay dear friend, these are things closer to home, in a manner of speaking. Ok... way too close in, all honesty.

I have found some things that I cannot identify, frozen beyond recognition. I am pretty sure they are either flora or fauna, animal or vegetable and not mineral. They have no smell and cannot be recognized as to origins. They do not frighten me. I have children and grandchildren, so frightening me is not easy.  These things were (operative word being "were") in my standup freezer, ensconced in Tupperware ( or one of  its cheaper sisters ).

Let me just say, right here, right now, that for the most part I am not a fan of left-overs. There are a few exceptions....cold pizza, stroganoff, fried chicken ( all gladly eaten, as is, from the fridge ). Not much else.

My beloved sees things differently. He loves anything he can eat which counts as a left-over, as close to the "food posioning" date as possible. Where I look to see, if whatever is in said Tupperware has changed either color or life-form, John smells it.

Being the Gentleman he is, he always asks me if I want to smell it too. *cough* NO, I DO NOT WANT TO SMELL IT. Nor do I want to smell anything else of questionable history...this includes socks and other "things" that might just be spoiled and / or dirty. NO, just NO.

Which brings me to another of my beloved's endearing habits. He thinks its "interesting" to freeze things without labels. He thinks its "fun" to defrost something, not knowing what it is, for dinner. I am not that amused by this. And today, I cleaned out both the indoor freezer and the one in the garage. I have found many "interesting" things and at least the ones that could be generally identified or classified...sorta....  are all on one shelf ( in the outdoor freezer, thank you very much ), awaiting my love's attention. The ones to which I had no clue are gone.

Personally, I would rather eat Ramen noodles.