Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Mysteries from the frozen depths.....

I am not talking about things frozen in my yard...although there could be some of those too. Nay, nay dear friend, these are things closer to home, in a manner of speaking. Ok... way too close in, all honesty.

I have found some things that I cannot identify, frozen beyond recognition. I am pretty sure they are either flora or fauna, animal or vegetable and not mineral. They have no smell and cannot be recognized as to origins. They do not frighten me. I have children and grandchildren, so frightening me is not easy.  These things were (operative word being "were") in my standup freezer, ensconced in Tupperware ( or one of  its cheaper sisters ).

Let me just say, right here, right now, that for the most part I am not a fan of left-overs. There are a few exceptions....cold pizza, stroganoff, fried chicken ( all gladly eaten, as is, from the fridge ). Not much else.

My beloved sees things differently. He loves anything he can eat which counts as a left-over, as close to the "food posioning" date as possible. Where I look to see, if whatever is in said Tupperware has changed either color or life-form, John smells it.

Being the Gentleman he is, he always asks me if I want to smell it too. *cough* NO, I DO NOT WANT TO SMELL IT. Nor do I want to smell anything else of questionable history...this includes socks and other "things" that might just be spoiled and / or dirty. NO, just NO.

Which brings me to another of my beloved's endearing habits. He thinks its "interesting" to freeze things without labels. He thinks its "fun" to defrost something, not knowing what it is, for dinner. I am not that amused by this. And today, I cleaned out both the indoor freezer and the one in the garage. I have found many "interesting" things and at least the ones that could be generally identified or classified...sorta....  are all on one shelf ( in the outdoor freezer, thank you very much ), awaiting my love's attention. The ones to which I had no clue are gone.

Personally, I would rather eat Ramen noodles.

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