Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Maybe now I can speak......

The last year has been a hard one. I lost my Dad and I am not the only one who has lost loved ones in this family. I have had a thousand, thousand words to speak and have been speechless. Sometimes, when the heart is wounded, only the Holy Spirit can speak for you, to the Father. Maybe to others, also.

I lost my Dad in 2012. As an only child, whose Mother and Grands have passed, this had been more than difficult. It has been unspeakable. See above.

It has also been a time of the Lord's gifts.....of Jacob ( our first Wyman male, thank you Lord ), of Ezra (thank you again Lord for blessing his mother with health after several frightening days of fever in the hospital) , of Joseph ( after terrifying days of pneumonia and lung leasions in the NICU )...... of SIL Joseph coming home from Afganistan and SIL Thomas from the Phil. We do pray, Lord, that they may be absolved, both in their waking and sleeping, and find peace.

Also in this year, I have read the worst book I have ever read, been blessed with good books, have a son who reads and can forward titles and authors and understands what I do not ( hellooooooo.....serious SCI/FI  vs the light stuff ....)   Wish I could just watch the TEE/VEE butt I cannot. I do NOT want, ever, any kind of "digital" reader. Just send me a book, TYVM.

I do promise to try and articulate what I am thinking and feeling....
Wish me luck,

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  1. i can send you lord of the ring and the hobbit on mp3, for in your car.. not the movie,the real book... version for the blind... just tell me ;)