Wednesday, January 9, 2013

There is cold, then there is .....

Oh my. When we moved here I thought it was cold in winter. Which, truth be told, it was. What I have discovered, moving into year 3, is that everything is relative.

The first year I kept the house hovering in the 80's and the heating bill was over a thousand buckaroos a month. That first summer never saw me unpack one tank top or pair of shorts. I could have gone the entire year ( had John not been here at least half the time ) and never shaved a leg because nobody, save the dogs, ever saw them.

By year 2 I did unpack shorts and wore tank tops, albiet under other shirts...flip flops (aka "slippas") were still under the radar.

Last summer I actually did wear both shorts and tanks when it was "broiling" here in the low to mid 80's.

What I have discovered is how tiny the comfort zone is for us humans. I have gotten ok with temps in the 30's and 40's ( not in shorts ) but when the temps plunge under freezing, into the minus zone, its not cute. Even the dogs are not ok with it. They, long of coat and warm of body, do their business and  want back into the house.

I do not understand how those people of long ago lived in tents, when the wind is howling and the water freezes on contact with anything. How did they survive in animal skins with only a sputtering fire to warm them ?

I am still in awe of the birds who continue to frequent the feeder, even in the worst weather. I dont know how they manage....but I am grateful and feel blessed to have a furnace that works and a fireplace for the worst days and very glad I am not a bird.

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  1. warm here... 50 f... hopefully we will get a cold spel.... with some sun... and ice skating...