Monday, January 14, 2013

Oh happy day!!

I am not one of those who has an easy time asking for help. Personally, I would rather chew nails than to send out an SOS. I dont know why...I never mind helping out when asked but it makes me crazy admitting there is something I cant handle.Which is not the same as saying I can handle everything that comes my way...quite the opposite. It is the admission of failure or weakness that bothers me. Or it is pride.....

What  I have been blessed with, since we moved here, are friends like I have never had before. In Cindy I have a friend who listens and understands all the drama and trauma that comes with being a Mother and Grandmother. She does not judge or condemn. She will pray with me and for me and I love her for that. When I told her about the ATV breakage she told her husband, Tom. She called to tell me he was coming over (?!?) to take a look at it.

Tom took one look at it, got out the right tools ( who knew you needed a ratchet to tighten the dang thing ?) and had the shovel fixed in less than 20 minutes. John had been telling me " call Tom" and I had resolutely REFUSED.  I know how busy both our friends are and the last thing I wanted to be was a pain in the posterior. I did not want to be seen as the helpless, hopeless wretch I truly am.

The Lord knows me well.....and has in His abundant Grace, gifted me with friends that are more valuable than gold. Thank you Lord, for giving me what I could never have asked for and for seeing to my needs even when I am too proud to say I need help.

I pray I am able to repay the kindness, some day in some way.

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