Friday, January 11, 2013

Am I having fun yet ????

The answer to that would be a resounding NO!! John hasn't even been gone a week yet and the excitement has already started.

At about 7am this morning the snow and wind started. Wind blowing snow upside down and sideways,sounding mostly like a freight train and dying to a low growl. Snow blowing every which way except down. Drifts mounting and husband saying " dont let it get too deep before you plow".

Ok, no problem. I dress in my Michelin man snowsuit that covers me from neck to ankles. Add to that a pull on cap, scarf and gloves. protect not from the sun but from the blowing ice particles. Boots that fit Zack and two pair of socks. So far so good. *cough* Cute too.....or not.

I climb onto our trusty ( sure it is ) ATV and out into the elements I go. I get the path shoveled that  I need to get out of the garage and onto the street. I go to push the last bit of snow blocking the driveway out of the way, rewind the shovel and start to back down the drive when SNAP....the cable that holds the shovel in the "up"position breaks. Its ok, thinks I to myself, I can still make it back into the garage.

I back into the garage with said shovel still in the "down" position and it pulls up part of the grate covering the drain pipe in front of the garage door. Said grate turns into an elbow macaroni and bends in half. Ok, says I to self, if its that easy to bend up, I can bend it down. Wrong. That sucker snapped like a potato chip. Still, got ATV into the garage, thinking I can fix this puppy.

Back to the broken cable. John says its just a thingy that needs unscrewing and that the cable then needs to be rethreaded . Got it unscrewed. Went to shove the cable back through the thingy and tried to rescrew it. Ha, Ha, Ha. Apparently I dont have the strength to screw it back in AND the cable is tangled and will not unwind. John says call for help. I dont like calling for help.

It is times like this I think I will just stay here in the house till John gets back in two weeks. I have coffee, cream for coffee and plenty of and human. It's that or move to the condo...which is looking more enticing by the minute. Providing I can drive the car out over the grate.

Staying put is sounding better and better.

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