Monday, January 21, 2013

Pleased....and mortified

Today I watched Barrack Hussain Obama take the oath of office of the President for the second time. I am grateful that we have a continuation of power that was not marred by violence. I am grateful to live in this nation and I love it.

I am sickened that this man was elected, not once but twice and that his "faith" in God is so occasional  and his faith in this country is so conditional. I hate all that he stands for and all that he espouses as his beliefs. He  is NOT Christian ; not as I understand Christianity. He is not a lover of least not the America I grew up loving and beliving in. He is not even close to anyone I would have voted for....and yet.....he is standing in front of this entire country proclaiming his love for it. The next 4 years will give proof to what he has already begun...which is the shredding of the Constitution.

I pray for him wisdom and knowledge and love of country. I do not think he has it in him although I do know God Himself coud enlighten him. I do believe he wants this country to be you ? While I am pleased this affair of State went without issues.....I am sickened that Obama is still POTUS.

Think on this.

God help us all

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