Sunday, March 3, 2013

Silence is......

....really quiet. Not to say, that with 5 dogs it is ever truly quite, butt without any cable it is more still than I am used to. I had no idea how quiet it could be.

I put the TV on in the morning just to hear the weather ( mostly another human voice ) or the "breaking news", whatever that entails. I have it on, just for the noise.

The cable went out on Thursday, last week. It was fixed today. This has been a blessing in disguise. Silence is hard to handle if you have not asked for it.

Yesterday our Pastor gave a message on prayer, on how we dont make time for it...on how the shortest distance between ourselves and God is from our knees to the ground. How we need to forgive those we see as having damaged or hurt us. On just letting it go.

When I talked to Msgr. Collatta on Ash Wednesday about my other failures when it came to Lenten sacrifices,  he told me to give up anger. I almost fainted. I cannot think, nor could I then, of something harder to give up. Not just anger at family ( the easiest to  be angry with ) or others of our faith or others of our state or country.....but ALL anger. OMGoodness....seriously ?

And oh, how I have failed. I do not remember being this angry at so many for so little in my entire life. Go ahead and say there is no "evil" entity....I beg to differ.