Wednesday, January 25, 2012

The "big nasty" took three hours.....

Don't know where your head went but I am talking about doing the floors in this house. They are the" big nasty" here. I have vacuumed more than once since the herd left after the holidays and swiffered twice weekly. That means I have gotten the dust mastadons out from under the big pieces of furniture. However, comma, I had not mopped. After all these years ( and I am talking almost 40 years ) I still hate mopping. But there comes a time, even before John returns, that I cannot stand the stuff that is still stuck on the floor. I had hoped, when I was young, that there would come a time when a maid ( like the one on the "Jetsons"...completely mobile and very computerized ) would do this.

Ha ha. is still just me. I am pretty sure that John has never....ok almost never....mopped a floor. At this age, I am sooooo tired of it. Not that I do it that often, it is just that I still HATE IT. That being said, I hate having my shoes ( one does not go barefoot here unless one wants to experience frostbite ) stick to the floor.

The good thing about this new house is that most of the floors are not carpeted. Some is slate...good and bad : the good is that slate does not show dirt...the bad is that even after mopping they look the same as before you mopped.

I found half calcified telling what they were prior to dropping under the sofa...the bad is that the dogs never found them. Not that they would have eaten them as they had no interest in the flour and butter left on same floor from making perroggis (sp?). That is now gone. Good I guess. Or not. I also vacuumed and mopped up half a ton of glitter ( apparently the Chinese, who now make all of our Christmas stuff thinks everything must be covered in same ). I have found glitter in pots and pans and under all the furniture. Oh joy.

I will mop again before John comes home next Monday and no telling what I will find. Hopefully no more flour or glitter....but I have my doubts.

Monday, January 23, 2012

If I had an Indian name....

It would be "stupid white woman who can kill any fire". It's not that I dont try. I have been counseled by many, many people. I know how to lay the wood, placing it just so with the small stuff on the bottom and the bigger wood above, put paper and/or cardboard under it, make sure there is enough room between all of it to draft up the chimney. Make sure the flu is open. All of these things I do, faithfully. That being said, the fires never want to catch. A bit of flame then nothing. Poke and prod with stoker, a bit of flame then nothing. Move logs around...same bit of flame then nothing.

I know if I had to count on fire for warmth I would freeze to death and if I had to cook with it the food would be au natural ( aka raw ). I eventually do get the flames going and then I dont let it die. John wonders how I can go through so much wood but once I get it going, there is no way I am going to let it die.

The really pitiful part of this whole thing is that there is a propane starter inside the fireplace and one would think that should make it easier. I dont know why it doesnt but all the situations above include the use of said starter. Maybe I should forget the wood and just enjoy the gas flames.

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens....

Ok, neither of those are my "favorite things" and neither is visiting the doctor to " get results of blood tests". Not that wet roses or kitten whiskers are bad things and neither is getting results of tests I already knew I didnt pass with flying colors . I knew my bad cholesterol was high and so was my good. That, in my mind, should somehow have balanced out and, teeter-totter style, have been okie dokie. No?

Apparently not. Next week I get to go get a doppler on my carotid (?)...sounds new age but it's more about old age and I am a bit less than thrilled. If the doc isn't happy with the results he is going to put me on "meds".

Now I may be old(er) but I am not stupid. I watch TV and I KNOW what the side effects of " meds " are. Do you have dry eyes? Well, we have "meds" for that however you may experience dry mouth, dry skin, your eyeballs may explode, you might wet/poop your pants ( especially if your "pipes leak " ) you may experience flatulence, nausea, vomiting or you might DIE! Personally, I think I will stick with dry eyes. Not that any "meds" they might put me on would have such insignifigant side effects...nay, nay...these would be worse! I guess not as bad as the men's meds where you have to sit in a tub of cold water on a cliff waiting for 4 hours and getting pruney....all things considered, I guess it could be worse. Still.....

I am happy to say I do like the doctor I have I just would prefer not to be any more medicated than I am ...Lunesta, the iron butterfly that knocks the crap out of your brain and lets you sleep more than three hours, is the only prescription drug I am on and I am fine with that. Sleep is highly overrated but it is a good thing to get some every night and I am happy to say that it does help . That being said, it should be an interesting visit next week since I am just a tad resistant to new "meds". If my eyes explode you will all know why.

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Trying "new" things in the New Year.....sigh

Everyone who has seen the master bathroom here has commented on the "view" from the tub. "How amazing". Uh huh. Not being one who "bathes" frequently ( I do shower daily but have always felt that taking a bath amounts to sitting in one's own filth ) I have avoided filling the tub and soaking. Ack.
Yes, I know, Calgon has been extolling the virtues of doing just that for decades, with lit candles and an aura of relaxation that soothes ones mind and body.


All the dogs wanted in on the action, with Stryker being the only one who actually tried to join in said "fun". Just keeping him out of the water was a chore. When I finally did make it into the water I hit the jacuzzi jets. Blast to the face since the water was not deep enough. Filled it a bit more and still got a blast..apparently you have to have the tub almost drowning deep to keep that from happening. Oh joy.

As to the "view", unless you are over 7 ft tall all you see is sky and that is in the 40 seconds before the window steams up.

Nothing has changed regarding my opinion of the luxurious bath...forget the candles ( Stryker would either eat them or start a fire trying to find out what they are )...and forget feeling clean ( although my face was spotless ) as I took a shower immediately after since I did not feel very fresh.

It is a great place to defrost frozen turkeys...and you can do several at once. Not a total waste of space, right?

Sunday, January 8, 2012

In with a bang...out with a whimper

The Christmas season started here with a bang.....21 on "our" side of the family and 13 on John's sister Becky's side. Thirty four, not counting the two babies on the way we did not know about till after the New Year.

All arrived within days of each other and we went from echoing in an empty house to total mayhem ( crazy good but still crazy!!). I have never cooked for that many and it showed. Either we were scraping the bottom of the cooking pot or we had tons of leftovers ....some of which are changing life forms in my fridge as I type. John hates throwing food away but I say when the color changes and they start climbing out of the tupperware its time to say good-bye. Now that he and Zack have gone back to Hawaii its hasta la vista baby for most of the stuff still fermenting.

I must say, thanks to my friend Cindy, that not only were the stockings hung but every room and window was decked out,both here and at the condo. We found an amazing tree ( not locally grown...since some of them are decades old and I was loath to cut one of them ) and it was beautiful. I do prefer "farmed" trees since I know they will be replanted but also because they are perfect. Ours was a Scotch Pine and though it lacked the fragrance of most pines it did not shed many needles and the shape was grand. That being said, I know I will still be finding needles in June but that is another matter.

This was actually our first Christmas in the house...last was in North Carolina for the birth of Mr. Thomas John McKenna and only New Year was spent here. Wonderful....lovely...and nuts. At least this time the condo was ready for guests....much better than family arriving to locked doors, no food, cold condo and us stuck in NC. Stockings were indeed hung by the chimmney with ( much love ) care. All the necessities for getting through the mornings and lunches were there. New heater for the cold bathroom and goodies ( vanilla, chocolate and bubble bath...and thats just the bathing stuff!!) for the family.

The family arrived in waves and at times I did feel swamped but I had tons of help from my daughters and sons. For the first time ever we had a peroggi night....almost ten pounds of flour ( much of which found its way to the floor ...and as an aside, dogs do NOT eat flour ) and four pounds of butter. Wow. Who knew it would take so much time and labor but it was definately a new experience for all of us ( except Tom ) and I think next time we should buy the frozen kind...just sayin' !

We also found out...after all had left, that not only Liz is expecting but also Tia and Melissa. That will bring our grand (kidlet) total to 12 in 2012. Good thing I have a perpetual calendar...there is no way I could remember all of the birthdays without one. I have been asked if this means I will be moving back to Hawaii. Um , no. Might change my P.O. Box, make the phone number unlisted and unplug the computer but no, I will not be moving back to "paradise". I do love this place even if it brings the unexpected.

Unexpected being another unwanted visitor to the garage. As you might recall in an earlier post, I bashed up the front end of my Escape ( aptly named, I might add ) and duct taped it back together. The auto body guy here in Angel Fire, and the only one in the village, said he could fix it. No problem and he did fix the body of the car. He ordered the pump for the window wash stuff and said it was good to go. We got home, poured the wash stuff in the hole and VOILA it poured right back out ( John managed to catch most of it in a bucket ) . Called the guy back and he said "whoops...I forgot to hook the pump up" . HUH??? Ok, so before we go to pick it up again, he tells me over the phone we have a new pet. Again, HUH?? Apparently during all the times the garage door was open for kidlets snowboarding, sledding and just plain freezing ( did I mention Jonah took his shoes and socks off outside in sub-zero weather?? ) we had an uninvited guest take up residence. The little pest found the dog food and proceeded to fill every opening under the hood of my car with it. There was at least a pound under there, scattered in every available hole and some may be there forever...the vacuum cant get it and I have no idea what else to try. I have found my inner killer instinct and we put out poison again....and one whole block was gone this morning. Meaning I will probably find a body of some sort, sooner rather than later..this beast is hungry!!!

There are many aspects to living in the mountains I had no idea about but I must say, I am never, ever bored.
As to the whimpering....that would be me, rattling around in this empty house ( ok , not exactly empty with the Rottie "baby" close to 100 lbs. and the three poms ). I dont miss the screaming from both parents and kids and I dont miss cooking for a literal army but I do miss them all.

This is me whimpering .....