Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Trying "new" things in the New Year.....sigh

Everyone who has seen the master bathroom here has commented on the "view" from the tub. "How gorgeous...how amazing". Uh huh. Not being one who "bathes" frequently ( I do shower daily but have always felt that taking a bath amounts to sitting in one's own filth ) I have avoided filling the tub and soaking. Ack.
Yes, I know, Calgon has been extolling the virtues of doing just that for decades, with lit candles and an aura of relaxation that soothes ones mind and body.


All the dogs wanted in on the action, with Stryker being the only one who actually tried to join in said "fun". Just keeping him out of the water was a chore. When I finally did make it into the water I hit the jacuzzi jets. Blast to the face since the water was not deep enough. Filled it a bit more and still got a blast..apparently you have to have the tub almost drowning deep to keep that from happening. Oh joy.

As to the "view", unless you are over 7 ft tall all you see is sky and that is in the 40 seconds before the window steams up.

Nothing has changed regarding my opinion of the luxurious bath...forget the candles ( Stryker would either eat them or start a fire trying to find out what they are )...and forget feeling clean ( although my face was spotless ) as I took a shower immediately after since I did not feel very fresh.

It is a great place to defrost frozen turkeys...and you can do several at once. Not a total waste of space, right?

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  1. Your writing talents put Ermma Brombeck to shame!
    How about starting a weekly column for in the "Weekly Wipe"? (The Chronicle)