Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens....

Ok, neither of those are my "favorite things" and neither is visiting the doctor to " get results of blood tests". Not that wet roses or kitten whiskers are bad things and neither is getting results of tests I already knew I didnt pass with flying colors . I knew my bad cholesterol was high and so was my good. That, in my mind, should somehow have balanced out and, teeter-totter style, have been okie dokie. No?

Apparently not. Next week I get to go get a doppler on my carotid (?)...sounds new age but it's more about old age and I am a bit less than thrilled. If the doc isn't happy with the results he is going to put me on "meds".

Now I may be old(er) but I am not stupid. I watch TV and I KNOW what the side effects of " meds " are. Do you have dry eyes? Well, we have "meds" for that however you may experience dry mouth, dry skin, your eyeballs may explode, you might wet/poop your pants ( especially if your "pipes leak " ) you may experience flatulence, nausea, vomiting or you might DIE! Personally, I think I will stick with dry eyes. Not that any "meds" they might put me on would have such insignifigant side effects...nay, nay...these would be worse! I guess not as bad as the men's meds where you have to sit in a tub of cold water on a cliff waiting for 4 hours and getting pruney....all things considered, I guess it could be worse. Still.....

I am happy to say I do like the doctor I have I just would prefer not to be any more medicated than I am ...Lunesta, the iron butterfly that knocks the crap out of your brain and lets you sleep more than three hours, is the only prescription drug I am on and I am fine with that. Sleep is highly overrated but it is a good thing to get some every night and I am happy to say that it does help . That being said, it should be an interesting visit next week since I am just a tad resistant to new "meds". If my eyes explode you will all know why.

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