Wednesday, January 25, 2012

The "big nasty" took three hours.....

Don't know where your head went but I am talking about doing the floors in this house. They are the" big nasty" here. I have vacuumed more than once since the herd left after the holidays and swiffered twice weekly. That means I have gotten the dust mastadons out from under the big pieces of furniture. However, comma, I had not mopped. After all these years ( and I am talking almost 40 years ) I still hate mopping. But there comes a time, even before John returns, that I cannot stand the stuff that is still stuck on the floor. I had hoped, when I was young, that there would come a time when a maid ( like the one on the "Jetsons"...completely mobile and very computerized ) would do this.

Ha ha. is still just me. I am pretty sure that John has never....ok almost never....mopped a floor. At this age, I am sooooo tired of it. Not that I do it that often, it is just that I still HATE IT. That being said, I hate having my shoes ( one does not go barefoot here unless one wants to experience frostbite ) stick to the floor.

The good thing about this new house is that most of the floors are not carpeted. Some is slate...good and bad : the good is that slate does not show dirt...the bad is that even after mopping they look the same as before you mopped.

I found half calcified telling what they were prior to dropping under the sofa...the bad is that the dogs never found them. Not that they would have eaten them as they had no interest in the flour and butter left on same floor from making perroggis (sp?). That is now gone. Good I guess. Or not. I also vacuumed and mopped up half a ton of glitter ( apparently the Chinese, who now make all of our Christmas stuff thinks everything must be covered in same ). I have found glitter in pots and pans and under all the furniture. Oh joy.

I will mop again before John comes home next Monday and no telling what I will find. Hopefully no more flour or glitter....but I have my doubts.

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