Thursday, January 10, 2013

Organized ? Well, I try....

One would think that when I am the only human living in this house, that it would be spotless and well organized. It's not.

I do manage to keep the laundry washed, the dishes done and the bed made. Actually, I can gage my mood by making the bed...if I do it well, I am feelin' good. If its a half hearted job, I am probably a bit low on the energy/motivation side. If I look at the bed and know I am not going to make it, the temptation is to climb right back in and pull the covers over my head.

With 5 dogs it is just not possible climb back into bed. Come dawn, whether that be just after 4am in the summer or closer to 7am  in winter, its "going outside to do our business" time. It is  impossible to ignore them. The two males are the worst. Loki ( a pom with a collapsing trachea ) starts coughing and Stryker takes an interest in grooming himself in areas best left unmentioned. The sound of this alone is enough be bring me gagging off the bed at a bound.....

I am not the sort to spend my days polishing and shining and whipping my dustrag at every mote in sight. Truth be told, there are tuffs of dog hair drifting in the corners and dust on the furniture as I type.  I do keep things relatively neat, relatively straight but organized I am not and its not for lack of trying, in a half-hearted but hopeless sort of way.

Every few months I have to reorganize the pantry or the shelves in the garage or my closet and I am the reason they keep getting messy. I know, in my head, that if I put that can of soup on the right shelf, with its brethren, the pantry will stay neater, longer. Doesnt mean I do it and I really don't know why.

It seems like a battle with myself that I am constantly losing. Entropy and his brother chaos are my constant companions and I dont much like them but at least they are familiar. Ah well.....I will continue to try and fight the good fight - or curl up on the couch with a good book.  I am pretty sure the dust will still be there tomorrow but for now, I need to go make that bed.

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