Thursday, January 17, 2013

I only miss two things about "city living"

There is not much I miss about living on an island only 45 miles around with almost a million people on it. I do NOT miss hearing my neighbor in the shower, doing whatever he does and listening to it.  The houses are so close its embarrassing. I do not  miss being in traffic for over an hour to go 16 miles. I do NOT miss having to fly whenever we want to go somewhere other than that cursed  island. Matter of fact, I HATED living in Hawaii ; paradise my sorry white ass. Hated it. From the moment I got there -  that was in '71 -  till the day I left and that was only in '09. Hated it. With the exception of the fast food...(and yes, these are fast food in Hawaii  ..  Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Vietnamese, Portuguese ...etc )   available....that I do miss.

 I sincerely do not miss that hot mess that is the " Peoples Republic of Hawaii ". It is as communist - or Facist - depending on your politcal stance,  a state as you can get, outside of Cuba.  ( That is one of  Odumbo's 57 states, right ??) Democraps control the state and I hated that. There is no " 2 party "thing there. If you are not a Democrap, you have little chance of being big in politics in Hawaii.  That being said, there are two things I do miss.  ( I know, the food makes it three ).

I definately miss garbage trucks that pick up stuff in front of my house. I hate having to slog my nasty,stinking stuff down the mountain for pick up. I hate having to lift all that smelly, drippy stuff into my car. I hate having to try and  find an empty bin and lift all this stuff into a hole that has two kinds of locks ( bears are smart critters and can open most garbage bins if they dont lock more than one way ) and try and shove said bags in , while holding said doors open....good luck with that one.

I also miss USPS mail delivery, to my door. Sigh. What a simple thing it is...yet huge. Imagine wondering if your driveway is too slick with ice to get out and if its ok, wondering if the "street" is clear enough to drive without the dreaded " fishtail" action. Always interesting...if not downright terrifying.

All things considered....I am in paradise now....and I am (mostly) "Lovin' it ".


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