Monday, September 30, 2013

On to eating in MO

And then there was Springfield, MO. Oh wow !
We had to "park" there in Springfield because the truck had to have a different kind of hook-up installed. This was a good thing. While we were parked, there was an enormous thunderstorm with gallons of rain. The trailer leaked...and the seller was able to send a fix it man to fix it. He was awesome. Named "Waco" can guess where he hailed from. He rocked it. Fixed the shower stall that you could get into but not out of....fixed the leaks, fixed the fridge door that did not lock. He was awesome.
Next door....literally steps from the door of the trailer, was a place called "Lamberts...home of the throwed rolls". And, yes, they "throwed" their rolls. Like Pete's Place, they had all you could eat fare. Order a main dish and they would bring around fried taters with onions, fresh rolls ( if you dont catch one, they keep throwin' them  until you do ) macaroni with maters and sweet peppers, fried okra and you cannot eat all they bring. Wow.
I cant wait till we are on the road again......

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