Monday, July 4, 2011

The Fourth of July....on the Third

I love this country. Sometimes, even though I know it is not the case, it feels like most of my fellow citizens are "too busy" to care...about our troops, about the state of the union, about so many things that are vital in keeping this country strong.

Then there are the city fathers ( and mothers ) of Eugene Oregon who have decided that saying the pledge of allegiance need not be a regular part of their meetings, except 4 times a year, since they are not citizens of the USA but citizens of "the world". Lovely. Or the idiots at Westborough Baptist who protest at the funerals of our soldier-heros. It not only hurts my heart it totally pisses me off. Who are these people? If they hate this country so much they need to leave. Yes, I know about freedom of speech but if this stuff isnt hate speech I dont know what is.
But of course hate crimes only apply to what whites say about minorities.

Which brings me to yesterday. We went to another Baptist church .....Angel Fire Baptist, which is where John goes when he is here. We go Catholic services on Saturday evening and his on Sunday morning. We walked in and at the front of the church...stacked 7 deep in 4 piles, were boxes to be sent to the troops. Specifically, Joseph, my son in law's unit. 1-67th...a Combined Unit Task Force in Afganistan.

I burst into tears. We are only "part timers" at that church...when John is gone I dont attend yet this amazing group of people have adopted Joe's unit, all 30 of them. Sitting there was proof positive that they not only care, they put words into action. They dont just talk the talk, they walk the walk. Put their money, time and effort where their mouths are. I was undone.

Printed in the bulletin was the list of what to send. Dont have the time? Just donate and they will do the shopping. Want to do a box yourself? They have the flat-rate APO/FPO boxes. Have goodies on the list but no time to do the shipping? Just drop your things off at the church and they will pack it up for you.

Then they put up pictures on the projector. Joe's unit. My son in law. They asked for the little extra's he has requested. They read part of the letter from the 1st Sargent. They are in it to support the troops for the long haul and they are serious about doing it. God bless them.

Just when you start to feel that as a country and people we have lost that special something that sets us apart from the rest of the world....look deeper. It will not make the evening will never be on the front page of the newspaper...but it is still there.

Love this country? You are NOT alone. I am NOT alone. We will never give up, give out, give in. Stay strong America....our men and women in uniform are counting on us.

God bless those who serve and God bless those who wait.
God bless America.
And for the record:

I pledge allegiance to the flag
of the United States of America
and to the republic for which it stands
one nation under GOD
with liberty and justice
for all.

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  1. What a heartwarming story. My son Eric's best friend is a Marine and when he was over there those boxes with clean socks, baby wipes and other little things, plus a little personal notes kept him going through some pretty rough times.
    That church and its members are is a blessing to all those brave men and women they reach out to.