Saturday, July 16, 2011

I am about to become politically incorrect

Screw that crap. Remember when you could tell a joke about your own or another's ethnicity and not be hung out to dry? That is back in the day when a "wop" or "frog" or "cracker" could still be funny ...not up to and including really insulting and derogatory jokes...but a time when we could make fun of ourselves and others and not face a lawsuit or be called "racist".

This president has done more to divide the races and make things worse than at any time in my life and at 57 that is a long time. Not that there were not divides in the past.....there were. But I grew up with a mother who continually told me that we were all equal. That race did not matter. That we were equal in the eyes of God. The "n" word was never uttered, period.

I am SICK TO DEATH of the crap that passes for correctness these days. In fact, the only ones EVER accused of being racist are whites. Kindly tell me that blacks do not hate whites and do not abuse and assault and denigrate us on a daily basis...which according to the DOJ is JUST PEACHY. No problem...not an issue.

Not when Black Panthers threaten white voters, not when blacks are guilty ( the Ft. Hood shooter maybe...but dont judge even though he killed 13 and wounded 29 others ) And not only white but white Christians. You can make fun of us till the cows come home but say one word about a muslim and you are toast.

You are a r.a.c.i.s.t and that sould probably be in caps. How DARE you insult a fake, wannabe saviour who got his info about God from a passing Monk. A Catholic monk. Who then fabricated his own religion, based not on forgiveness and love but on retribution, hate and destruction. Seriously???

Oh yes, we must bow low ( our current president is good at the bow thing ) before all these other religions with the notable exception of those based on Christ. And if you think this wannabe emperor with no clothes is Christian, think again. Remember that for 20 years he sat in a "church", led by a "pastor" who, along with his own wife, hated this country. Duh. A real man of God. Ummmm not. close Gitmo ( not done ) , to bring the troops home (not done ) , to improve the economy ( are your food prices and gas prices ), to stop the partisanship ( hahahahasnorthahaha), to have a transparent govt ( choking here ), to implement DADT ( and nope, its not in place is it?...not that the troops want it to be...), to secure SS ( wait, he is the one threatening it ), or medicare ( remember its his ad on tv that shows granny being shoved off a cliff) and telling our elected reps to " stay here till the job is done"- meaning in Washington and meaning congress, both houses mind you... ( except he is planning a big birthday bash for himself in Chicago the DAY AFTER THE GOVT IS GOING BROKE.) And, boys and girls, he is charging $38,500 per couple for the dubious honor of having dinner with him. Dont know if Michelle is planning the menu but after her eating 'fried fat cakes' in Africa after lecturing us on our eating habits I would doubt it is a vegan menu.

If he calls us the "folks" one more time I swear I am going to throw up in my mouth. He even lies about his own folks....he was not at his mother's deathbed and she DID have health insurance. Liar, liar, liar.....well at least he is consistant.

(Banging head on keyboard )

I am this jackass ( Dem symbol, doncha know : ) one more chance for Hope and Change. My response is NOPE.

Stick a fork in him, he is DONE.

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