Monday, June 27, 2011

Oh deer....and other "tails" on the trail

Truth be told we dont really live on a trail. It just feels like it. Until the potholes were patched three days ago it would have been possible to drive a mini cooper into one and never be seen again. A slight exaggeration.....but not by much.

I have been taking Stryker, aka "Thud", down to the country club's playground to hit the walking trails around it. Dont be impressed by the whole "country club thing...its much less impressive than it sounds, is open to the public and membership comes with owning a house or condo here.

Driving home it is often "dodge the critter" time and for the most part they are small, furry and very fast. I have yet to hit anything, for which I am truly grateful. Yesterday was a bit different. I caught movement on the passenger side in my peripheral vision. I looked over and lo and behold, keeping pace with the car was a mule deer. I slammed on the brakes, thinking it might try to cross the road. Sure bounded ( mule deer dont really run, they sorta bounce) across the road right in front of me. I thought " wonder if she has friends...." and sure enough, out came a little friend. Both disappeared into the woods while I sat there trying to breathe.

Guess the post should have been headed "OH!!! Deer!!!!

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