Friday, December 17, 2010

The white stuff....part two or three...

John has indeed gotten to experience the dubious joys of snow....yes, it is beautiful and yes it makes the entire world pristine. Yes, compared to the dull and hollow world of fall, after the leaves have fallen, it is wonderful. Until you try ( and I do put emphasis on the word "try") to drive in it.

Last evening we were invited to supper at friends from my church. They have a ranch near Black Lake, not far from Angel Fire. Off we go...John, Zack and I while it is snowing. Mind you, it had been snowing since 7am in the morning. And mind you, the road crews here are less than stellar. If they show up.

We were supposed to be there at 4:30 and ( of course ) because of me, we left a few minutes late. I am talking maybe 3 to 4 minutes late. But John decides to make up that lost time and speed it up a bit. Not much....just a bit. However, ( you knew there would be a comma, didnt you???) when you are going 40 in an area where the " suggested" speed limit on the sign is 35 and there is snow to slide slide. Actually what you do is "fishtail" ..back and forth and back and forth and back and then you dang near die of heart failure. At this point there was no need to hit a tree because between my heart murmur and its arrhythmia I almost did die. Never mind any trees....just bury me here, thank you. John was not all that concerned and seemed rather amused. Ha. Not.

We did make it ( thank you Lord ) and supper was wonderful. Zack got to meet their horses and John got to play pool after eating...all in all a great time. The ride home was uneventful except for me hyperventilating and praying but I think the next time we visit we should wait until the roads are clear or until we can ride horses out to see them. Horses may have attitudes but they dont fishtail quite as fast as a truck does.

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