Friday, December 3, 2010

The day after...and the day before

I still dont know the fate of the mouse. The sunflower seeds still sit under the rock, untouched. Hopefully the chipmunks didnt have mouse sushi but that is beyond my control.

The day after the trauma drama the shower plugged up. One minute I am happily sudsy and the next I am standing the three inches of water. Supposedly all the drains in the master bath are connected...bathtub drains fine, sink drains fine but the shower plugged up.

And the flourescent lights in the creepy ( I just know there are legions of other rodents waiting to chew their way into the house) icky garage burned out. Arent they supposed to last for years and years?

The shower finally flushed itself so thinks me to myself....chance 'um again. I actually do aim for a shower a day just out of habit, even if it seems like a waste of water some days. And what should be crawling out of it but a lovely ( NOTNOTNOT) spider. Big fat body and short legs. Ugly even by spider standards.

John comes home with Zack tomorrow and I am willing to bet not one thing will break, we will have no rodent issues, the wind won't blow, the wildlife will have vacated the area and we will have nothing but sunshine and lollipops here....until the day he leaves.


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