Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Killer Wyman....not so much

There was something rodential in the garage.....and yesterday the deacon from my church came up with a co-worker to put a trap in the garage to catch it. Peachy.....used some of our peanut butter to bait the trap and left . Thank you deacon. However, comma, this morning when I checked the trap, the peanut butter was completely gone ( and I mean immaculately clean ) and the trap had not been tripped. Which is mostly fine since I spent most of last night waiting for the "snap" which would have indicated the death of something.

But it kind of pissed me off too...so down I went to the hardware store to find something that would either give it wicked snow shoes or kill it. And I put not one or two but four sticky traps next to the cache of seeds it had stashed next to the waterheater.

Then I checked it.....not even two hours later.

And there, stuck by a hind leg and looking totally terrified, was a mouse. Not a rat. A scared little mouse. It had tried to chew off its own leg. I nearly died from shame. I dont kill things ( except for bugs). I had read that should I stick myself to this trap, oil would free me. Soooooo.

I got the oil out and some long tongs and took mousie out the garage door. Poured oil on it, shoved it under a big rock then brought it a cup of sunflower seeds, which I also shoved under the rock.

I hope it survives but I also hope it does not seek shelter in my garage again. There is poison in there.

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