Sunday, November 21, 2010

Three dog

Four dog day. All of us huddled in the bedroom...not just because of the temp of the house ( yes, cold, very cold ) but also because of the wind.

Today I have heard every sound that humans connect to wind. It has howled, shrieked, whimpered, whined, whistled and every other descriptive that starts with "w". It has moaned and cried. It has wailed then dropped to a whisper. Things have hit the house with enough force to make all 5 of us cower...then four of us barked. Fortunately one of them was not me, yet.

There has been no sound of human voice, save mine. Good thing I have the dogs otherwise I would be talking to myself. OK, I do that anyway but it would be pretty scary if I talked to myself that much. At least I have the dogs and they count, right?

I have to admit that since John left..and even before, I have not cleaned. My dust bunnies have married, had children and they have children. The floors are probably dirty but since you cannot go without shoes and avoid hypothermia here and since I dont stick to one place very often I have not mopped. Until last night I had not "cooked" unless you count the micro dinners and the boiled eggs I made a while ago.

Now we go back to the dogs.....its not like there is much else in my life at this point and they do keep me from being obviously insane ( I prefer the subtle approach to insanity, dont you?). We were almost out of dogfood. No, I havent dropped to that level when it comes to sustenance although its been tempting at times....but I digress. A person in Taos sells this stuff called "Nature's Select" super premium dog food...their description, not mine. So the dogs not only hate it but reject it from every orifice they have excepting ears and nose. You get the picture. Now multiply that by 4 ( or 8 , depending on how and what you are counting). Soooooo not cute.

Which brings me to the kitchen. I may not cook for myself but when my dogs are having digestive issues and I have to deal with them I can google and find out how to make dog food at home. Should be a no-brainer. They, like humans, are omnivores. A protein, carb maybe some dairy. They say add veggies but if there is one thing my dogs can eat around and never touch, it is a vegetable. So chicken and rice and a bit of cheese. Smelled better than the micro crap I had but I did resist.

With the wind battering the windows and coming in under the doors everything was different. For the first time in a very long time I did not make the bed. I stayed in it. Every single dog...and usually its just one or two....was asleep, on their backs with legs skyward, for a good part of the day. The wind apparently doesnt bother them as much as it does me or maybe with the howling and whining they think its a relative. I read some and then did something almost unheard of...I had a peanut butter and jelly sandwhich. Just not normal. Then, as the dinner hour approached ( who really knows when that is since its getting dark so early now ) I decided to cook. Real food. Wow. We all enjoyed it and I think they like the Jasmine rice better than the plain stuff.

I think I might be getting really, really sick because I want to clean the house tomorrow. Unless its still windy...then who knows what might happen.

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