Monday, November 29, 2010

All creatures, great and small.....which begs a question

Something is living, uninvited, in my garage. I saw it scurry behind John's golf bag and I did not see a cute fluffy tail. Which probably means its not an adorable squirrel or precious little chipmunk. No. It was chocolate brown and looked for all the world like a rat.

Not cute. I found the new bag of sunflower seed for the birds open, with at least half a pound shelled and eaten. I found feces and the stench of urine behind the waterheater. What I have not found is the critter. I have removed all the food and only hope if it gets hungry enough that it starts eating my golf bag since I have little use for it.

Now for the question.....I know God is great and He knew what He was doing when it came to creation. But seriously....rats? Mosquitoes? Gnats? Fleas? Ticks? Giant flying cockroaches???? And I have to ask why....when I see him.

Its just more than my small human brain can handle at the moment. I guess I should be grateful its not a racoon or something larger that has moved in.....

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