Tuesday, November 23, 2010

And the weather report is.....wrong

At least there is a comforting consistancy, no matter where we live, that its a pretty good bet the meteorologist report on incoming weather will be wrong. Very wrong. I dont know if that is universal but at least in this country it seems mostly like a guessing game.

There were reports that snow would be falling north and south of us but the Sange de Cristo mountains weren't supposed to get anything but a dusting. That howling wind brought alot more than dust...it brought inches and in some of the drifts it climbed to feet. I was afraid of getting stuck so for the first time in my life I shoveled. I have shoveled other things but never snow.

Who would have thought that such delicate tiny flakes could weigh so much when they get together? Snow is heavy. This morning my shoulders and arms are aching. Usually its my back that goes out of wack but I think it has to play second fiddle to all the other body parts that don't want to move.

The girl dogs love, love, loved it. The boys not so much. Bikki and Lady practically danced in it...digging and rolling around on their back, dashing back and forth with doggie glee. The boys.... ummm no. Loki is a skinny lil' thing, lots of fur but no body fat so he came out to investigate then headed back to the garage. Tonka, he of no fur, had to wear both a fleece and a snowsuit and he still wasnt warm enough. He did bound out into it, kinda like a jack rabbit, then bounded right back into the garage to sit by the door. "That was fun now let me back in the house" attitude. Maybe he is the smart one ?

Today I am going to try and get the rest of the house cleaned....I did at least get my room and the bathroom done yesterday...providing I can still push the vacuum and the mop. My arms feel like over cooked spagetti noodles so this should be an interesting day.

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