Friday, October 7, 2011


I was only yesterday glorying in the beauty of fall. That may not last long. When Stryker needed to make his potty call at 5:50am this morning it was snowing. I am not quite ready....ok, I REALLY dont want it to be full on winter yet.

There are some advantages. You can live in sweats and nobody thinks you are crazy or just too lazy to get dressed. Makeup is definately optional since you dont see anyone. You can live in your houseshoes...again pretty normal. The dust dies down...some. Fires in the fireplace are toasty and lovely. Stews and hot soups.

Some disadvantages too. Wet dogs and muddy pawprints. Frozen showers ...and I dont mean freezing in the shower, although that happens too, no...I mean the shower literally freezes and cant be used. Icy slick driveway, ditto for the roads. A husband who thinks fishtailing the car on ice is a winter sport. Winter blasts coming in under the french doors. Chapped lips. Critters sheltering in the garage ( there is another one out there : Bikki has been losing her mind since yesterday, again by the woodpile inside the garage door and she is never wrong on this count ).

At least for the moment the snow has turned to rain. You wouldn't think I would be thrilled with rain but I am. I am just not quite to the winter place yet.

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  1. SNOW! Wow it's so early in the season; and I still am sleeping with the window's open here.

    I love the snow, I hope we get some here this year, some seasons we don't get a flake!