Saturday, October 1, 2011

A birdie with a yellow bill

hopped upon my windowsill
cocked his shining eye and said
"aint you shamed, you sleepyhead"?

Ok, not exactly. We have huge windows in the living room and dining area and birds fly into them. When my son in law Joe was here a hummingbird smacked the window then fell into Jessica's lap. I think she was channeling the Hawaii B-52 cockroaches because the screaming that ensued was the same. Joe gently scooped up the little guy and stroked his feathers to calm him ( the guy is basically the animal whisperer...ALL animals adore him!). After a few minutes the bird ruffeled his wings and Joe lifted him several times and off the lil guy flew.

This little yellow bird was sitting on the deck table looking stunned. All the dogs wanted to go say "Hi" but considering that fact that Stryker eats things bigger than the bird I decided this was probably not a good idea. I went out solo and scooped it up and did the Joe thing with the wing stroking....there didnt seem to be any damage to his wings. I think he just knocked himself silly and needed a minute to recover. I put him on the birdfeeder and a minute or two later, off he went.

I am not a big bird person....I love watching them but have absolutely NO interest in touching them. Thanks really wasn't as icky as I thought it would be.

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