Thursday, September 29, 2011

Oh baby...look at you now!!

Stryker has been with us 6 months now. In that time we have dealt with loose stools because of a rampant bacteria, normally found in the IG tract of dogs but only activated when they are severely stressed. I do count his trip to Denver where we picked him up as a qualifying factor. He missed his plane because of human error ( of course ), arrived many hours late in not only thunder, lightening, hail but also a tornado then had to ride in a car 2 hours back to Colorado Springs...antibiotics.

Then Tess and the kidlets and the two dogs and cat came to visit.....and Stryker got either bitten or scratched and one side of his face swelled up. Antibiotics.....

Next we found a marble sized swelling under Stryker's chin...which between a Friday and the following Monday went from marble to abscess for which no reason could be found.... more antibiotics after a "stab" incision ( yup, exactly what it sounds like ) that drained blood and pus. Lovely.

About 6 days ago Stryker started shaking his head ...repeatedly. One ear was petal pink and lovely and the other was a red-hot mess. Do not ask me why ...its not like in this part of the country he is finding water to dunk his head in and it was before his bath ( see earlier blog ) so there is no apparent reason for this either.

Delicate health aside, he is a WONDERFUL dog. He is funny and bright and very enjoyable most of the time. I say that, thinking of the last two mornings when the whining to go out started at 4:45 am and 5:50 am, respectively. At those times I am tempted to just open the garage door and let what happens, happen ( wolves, bears, mountain lions.....). But I do not.

As to the bright part....after bathing him, he decided he LOVED the bath. I have to keep the bathroom door closed now because he wants to get back in the tub and he now knows how to turn on the water......

And "baby", the one who weighed a meager 13 lbs when we got him is now a whopping 75.7 lbs...but that was yesterday. I am pretty sure he has gained more since then!!

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