Friday, September 23, 2011

Spring has sprung...fall has fell

Well...sorta. The seasons here are a bit different than I expected. Winter was cold ( check ), spring was muddy but not warm ( check ), summer was rainy and gray ( check ??) and now that John has gone back to Hawaii, after experiencing the wet/gray, it is sunny ( huh?). Not to say it is warm....almost two weeks ago the overnight temps started dipping to the 40's and have stayed there ever since. Of course this started two days before hubby left so all he got to see was the blahs.

I am a little confused but have come to some conclusions. First, planting stuff ( flowers and tomatoes ) when we are past the last frost, is too late. The tomatoes are wayyyyyyy too much trouble, take too much time and water and produce too little to be worth the effort. The flowers never flowered and down in the valley they had their first frost this morning. They look like weeds growing in the flower beds and nary a single bloom ....ok I lie...three weeks ago there was a tiny white flower but it could well have been a weed and they seem to do just fine up here. Maybe next year I will plant least they grow.

Maybe growing stuff up here, with the exception of very large puppies, is not in my future. Oh does go on and the Valley Market has great tomatoes.

The learning curve continues but somehow I always seem to be behind it....

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