Monday, September 26, 2011

What is next....

That is a question one should not ask, I know.

It never fails...when John leaves something always happens. Whether this means critters, dead or alive, in the house or garage or mechanical things going on the fritz, it never seems to happen when he is here.

Last night I went to bed, watched a bit of "Sweet Genius" ( a mind bogglingly stupid show, by the way ) and turned off the tv. Prior to that I had watched a bit of tv in the living room....both tv's working fine.

Woke up this morning and VOILLA neither work. Called Direct TV. Lady said to find black or gray box on the floor. Moved entire entertainment cabinet trying to find said box. No box. Unplugged and replugged every blasted plug I could find. Nothing.
It is not so much that I need to be actually watching television, its the sound of other human voices that it provides.

This means no voices ( we wont talk about the ones in my head ), no music since we dont have a CD player, turntable or even radio, it means silence. They will be out to fix it tomorrow for a hefty fee ( of course!!)
And no, silence is NOT golden.

Did I mention the garage opener didnt work an hour ago? The circuit breaker connection clicked off....something that happens with several of the connections here and for no apparent reason. Somehow I dont think this is going to be the best of days....just one of the quietest.

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