Sunday, September 25, 2011

Wanted : dead NOT alive

Last year we had an issue with a rat in the garage. About this time of year the lil fuzzy critters start looking for their winter home and apparently our garage fits the bill. Last year I put out sticky traps and caught the rat. I felt so sorry for it that I got out my 2ft tongs and carried the rat and trap outside, poured oil on it to release it, helped it get under a rock and left about half a pound of birdseed so it would not starve ( talk about crazy!!!)

About two weeks ago, before John left for Hawaii again, we had another invader ; not a rat, it was a mouse. This time we put out poison. Bikki, our hunter knew it was out there and she sat by the wood pile in the garage, waiting and waiting. To no avail. The poison does eventually work.....which I found out when I went into the garage night before last. There on the garage floor was a dead mouse and had I not been looking down, I would have stepped on it. AKKKKKKKKKKKK. Once again I got the tongs out and dumped him into the trash. Had to check the next morning to make sure it was A) still there and B) still dead. Needless to say I took the trash to the dumpster ( we dont have garbage pick-up here...we have to drag it down the mountain ) totally creeped out and fully expecting a miraculous resurrection with the mouse perched on the back seat, laughing at me.
I do have a very active imagination....

It isnt that I am less compassionate about His creatures...but as I found out with the snake, I have limits. This now extends to rodents and I really do prefer them dead, especially if they have the temerity to try and live inside.

I also have to wonder....why this stuff only happens when John is gone. Just lucky, I guess.


  1. Janna I have a schnauzer that likes those furry critters...I found out that they were bred (sp?) in Germany to be "ratters"..better then a cat.

  2. I hate mice too. My mom just showed me the beautiful scarf and gloves I gave her for Christmas last year; eaten and made into a mouse nest in her bottom dresser drawer; yuck.

    The worst part is the darn thing died and laid there in the drawer for heaven knows how long. Makes me wonder what chemicals were in the yarn!