Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Fun and games with the contractor....hahahahah

Ok....so the guy who built this house ( new construction, no one has ever lived here before us ) has a punch list, which he has had for the last 6 months , minimum. And granted, some of it is relatively unimportant. Light switches that are backward, grout under the oven that isnt perfect.....little stuff that I could and would live with.

Then there is the "other stuff" like the leak that seems to be washing away the support, not of the deck, but of the house itself. Not little. At least not to me. A leak in the downstairs "room", which isnt in truth a room but a storage area but the whole floor ( dirt ) gets soaked everytime it rains and unlike usual New Mexico weather, its been raining nearly every day or night. So....Mr. Builder guy figures out ( duh ) that the drain pipe , that runs at the base of the foundation IS NOT at the bottom of the house. This guy built this house.....how in the name of all that is holy did he NOT know where the freaking pipe was laid. Sigh......and BIGGER SIGH.

So. They started this "only a coupla days" worth of work and it has lasted since last week. The guy who is supposed to start what little landscaping we are going to do this year---mainly redirecting the water into a faux stream with river rocks, a holding pond and a cystern for the overflow ( important to save what water you can in this dry land ) is supposed to start tomorrow. But of course he cant, since Mr. Builder isnt finished. The hole they dug is still a hole with no end ( literally) in sight ...actually John asked if they found China yet but they dont habla and did not get the joke. Except its not much of a joke.

Man am I glad we did not decide to try and build instead of buying one already built. Speaking of which....anyone want a lovely plot of land, southern exposure, in the township at a good price????

Just thought I would ask....never hurts to ask, right?

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