Sunday, August 15, 2010

The wildlife is very welcoming....

We arrived here in Angel Fire Thursday evening with all 4 dogs still panting ( for which I am very grateful ). The first evening we saw a bear about 150 yds away, near the house next door. Saturday afternoon I saw a mule deer on the side of the road that leads to ours - church here is on Saturday for me as there isn't enough Pastor to go around (my new Pastor, Fr. Emmanuel, has 4 churchs he attends to and does services for). That evening I started to go out onto the deck and heard claws clacking on the wood. It was an adolescent racoon helping itself to the birdseed. It didnt seem frightened but is camera shy...when I tried to take a picture it left for the evening (John feels sure we will see it again : ) I would be ok with not seeing bear up close and personal.

We are making progress in getting settled. Got a P.O. Box and a checking account started and then found out the only grocery store in town no longer takes checks : ( Oh well, I am pretty sure I can find somewhere else to use them, ha ha. We tried to get the car registered but found out you need every form of ID ever issued to you, starting at birth, literally. After that it gets complicated. Same thing with driver's licensing....oh joy.

This is the first time I have been on the 'puter since we got here....I developed the coughin' crud that was going around Hawaii right before we left and have been feeling like someone mopped the floor with my brain. Promise to check email soon.

If it weren't so beautiful here I might be missing Hawaii more. A little more oxygen would be nice though.

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  1. We miss you here....I'm jealous of all the nature you are experiencing. The kids and I are supposed to take a nature walk see geckos and mongoose I suppose!
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