Sunday, March 13, 2011

Just in time.....or not

The dogs have gone without baths for weeks and weeks. Nasty smellin' and nasty lookin'. But seriously, had I bathed them earlier we would have had pom-sicles. And even now, with the weather in the 50's and the garage warm with the door open to the house, they get the shakes. But over the last two days, bathe them I have. Sigh. I could have lived with the smell so why I did this I dont know.

It is also mud season....the season no one told me about that comes after winter and before true spring. So, bathe dogs, let them out to do their business, let them back into the garage and wash 16 paws. We have two that leap over John's drainage system ( a carved in the mud ditch that mostly drains....sorta ) and two that prefer to dance through it. Even with short ankles they are a mess when the business is done. Never mind waltzing through all the goodies they left a few months ago that are now thawed......did I mention they love doing that too?

Good thing they are my only buddies at this point, otherwise they would be sleeping in the garage.

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