Tuesday, August 9, 2011


That is the only word I have for the current occupants of the White House and I have seen quite a few "first families" come and go, not all pretty.

I remember JFK...mob connections, womanizing. Nixon and his disgrace. Ford and his uselessness. Carter and his spinlessness. Clinton and his " I did not have sex with that woman".
GW and his inability to strin together two words without messing one of them up.

That being noted not ONE of them ever gave the impression they hated this country. Never was there a hint of disrespecting the office they held. One did not see pictures of them with their feet on the Resolute Desk, chewing nicorette gum. Their wives upheld a standard of class and propriety, even in the face of horrid things going on with the men they were married to.

And now we have the great pretender. He pretends he is intelligent but cannot speak without the aid of a teleprompter ( he took 12 of them on his trip to England ). He has no clue about the economy nor how "normal" people live, having been priviledged his entire life.

All the crap about his disadvantaged early life is a flat out lie. He attended Punahou, THE most expensive school in Hawaii, went on to Ivy League schools ( not that we can see his transcripts and I guarrantee you that had there been something to brag about we WOULD have seen them ), became a "community organizer" whatever the hell that is, became a one term Senator who voted present but never committed himself to a stand on the issues, and then became president on the vision of "hope and change". Brother has it changed.

He is married to a woman who has said she is just now proud of this country yet she lives her life like Marie Antoinette on the taxpayers' dime. She is a bigger embarassment to this country than he is. Not low class...NO CLASS. Whomever compared her to Jackie Kennedy should be shot. I am sick to death of her Target wardrobe and her false eyelashes. I am sick of hearing about her "toned" arms and even sicker of seeing them. I am sick of the "boob-belts"....does she not realize they only make her fat butt look bigger?

And how about those vacays???? Spain for a few dozen family and friends...a tour of Africa with the same gang. How about Utah last week and Oregon today? and How about flying on AF-2 just to see her brother. Wouldn't you think, with the horrid employment rate, the crash of our AAA rating, the price of fuel and the general downturn of every economic indicator that she could have flown HIM out to DC to see her??? Noooo boys and girls...she takes her mom, one kid and who knows whom else to the other coast on OUR dime.

We wont mention the $500 dollar sneakers she wore to feed the homeless ( seriously?? yup ) or the $1000 purse we saw her carry exactly once. We will not talk about her eating "fried fat cakes" in Africa while lecturing us on what we may or may not eat ( has she taken a good look at her youngest kid lately ? I dont think so ) nor about her penchant for 1700 calorie cheeseburger meals at a Washington greasy spoon ( like the world class chefs at the White house cant do that ??). But I do digress.

It is none of these things, taken individually, that would have pushed me over the edge. It is, indeed, cumulative. After all, Jackie K. loved fine French clothes and loved to shop but she looked and acted the part of First Lady with decorum. No matter what was going on, she had class. She dealt with her personal problems quietly and with dignity and maybe that is what I am missing.

All the former presidents and their wives handled themselves with class for the most part, even if we found out later it was an act. The public face presented rarely humiliated or embarassed us even if their politics did. There were a few notable exceptions.
And now we have what the press calls " Obozo and the First Wookie".

Personally, I think its an insult to wookies.

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  1. You have got it pegged right....So sad that the average person knows little of what is really taking place..Thanks for sharing your thoughts...