Tuesday, August 23, 2011

It's been awhile.....

It is mama/baby season here in the mountains....but I digress.

It has been awhile. Not just since posting, although it has been awhile for that too. What I am talking about is that one year has passed since we moved to the mountains. One year.....a short time in the grand scheme of things. One year....an eternity in others.

There has been so much learned...and so much letting go. Letting go of the constancy of family. Letting go of a church family I fell in love with. Letting go of the "let's go shopping" spur of the moment times. Letting go of manicures and pedicures ( silly, I know but I really did enjoy those ). Letting go of my husband half the time ( but the hardest, all of the time). Like brushing your teeth with your "other" hand...it just feels wrong.

The experience has had a huge learning curve, to be sure. Ice inside the house, frozen shower, fear of being alone and doing it anyway. Snakes and bears and elk and deer...not to mention my favorite...hummingbirds!

Another digression....They are going through almost a quart a day of their sweet snack and sometimes there are too many at the feeder to count but I love them. Why, I have no idea. As has been mentioned to me, they are almost the same size and make almost the same sound and the flying B-52 cockroaches in Hawaii but they do not creep me out. Ok, they are MUCH prettier and they are birds not bugs. Anyway....

I have had the smoke of an enormous wildfire engulf the house and packed what few valuables I could into the car, prepared to flee. And now we have the monsoon rains. I laughed when I was first told that is what they were called, since in the beginning they lasted all of 40 seconds, literally. Having lived in Bangkok I had an entirely different idea as to what that monsoon meant. That has changed, although they still do not measure up quantatively or qualitatively, to those rains...nevertheless. For the last couple of weeks we have been having rain and the accompanying thunderstorms daily...for which I am so very grateful. If its wet, it wont burn. Thank you Lord, for rain!!!

I guess what I have learned is that although I am by myself here I am not alone. He is always with me. The Lord has seen me through, has been here, will be here and "we" can do this. I am so blessed to be loved by a Savior who is ALWAYS here. I can do this. And, hard as it sometimes is ( thinking SNAKE here ) I would not change anything. I do love it...love seeing all the wonders of creation right in my own back "yard" though I do use the term loosely. What a blessing this is and what a gift.

I am mightly blessed and I am so grateful to Him for seeing me through it all.

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