Monday, August 1, 2011

On my own....but not alone

It was one thing to be here with only the poms as company. Having Stryker has added a new dimension.....ok several.

Poms do not need a lot of exercise. They are short of leg and tire quickly. Stryker, not so much. It was a blessing having John here to do the daily walk. I had been faithful to take Thud to the country club to walk the trails there until hubby came back in early July. John took over and I did the happy dance every day I didnt have to go ( exercise is not something I look forward to, even going so far as to avoid it whenever possible ) and I so enjoyed the break.

If Stryker does not get his exercise, he tries to eat the poms...most notably Lady. She is a complete flirt...stealing his toys, playing chase with him, even trying to play tug-o-war with him ( she really has no chance but gives it her best!) He has a real crush on her and if she isnt careful " crush " is exactly what will happen. Not cute. Thud has already grabbed her by the tail often enough ( never hard enough to make her complain mind you ) that she is almost without tailfeathers. Poor dear. Sooooo....walking is not an option, its mandatory.

Yesterday I walked Thud alone. The poms were pissed for hours. Today I walked them all. We have two double-lead leashes and the only question was who to leash with whom. Since Bikki is the undisputed Alpha she was with Stryker. She can still take him down, literally, to the floor by biting his lip or ear. She does not play and she IS the boss. Stryker does not dispute this very often and is always sorry if he does. Keep in mind she is probably 16 lbs and he is approaching 50 lbs. Then the little ones.....Lady and Loki. Lady will not walk with anyone other than me ( although if Lisa were here, she would...) and Loki just tries to keep from getting stepped on by all the others.

We did pretty well. No tangles, no squirrel or chipmunk chasing ( Stryker never even sees them...he is busy looking for good chunks of wood to carry home, which he does without fail) and now they are all sleeping. I know its good for them and suppose it wont hurt me either. (Muttermumblesigh)

Stryker has checked every door, inside and out, to see if John is hiding somewhere. How do you tell a dog his favorite person is gone? At least I know what is going on and I dont like it either....Stryker doesnt know but he is much more managable tired. Guess we will be walking every morning for the near future. Peachy.

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