Friday, May 28, 2010

Dad's visit

After many years estranged, my Dad and I have finally reconnected. This isnt my "birth father" which to me is an amusing term since he was rarely there after the blessed event and pretty much vacated the scene after my 5th birthday. Dad is the guy who raised me...the one who was there , day in and day out, even surviving my teen years and they were not pretty. He taught me about honor and responsibility and love of country. He taught me about being a person of my word. He taught me not to lie.
Then he divorced my mother ( you know the saint? ) .Ok she wasnt a saint but she didnt deserve to get dumped either.
So I was just a tad hostile for a few decades. Just a bit. But our friends Mike and Sheila live in Mesa as does he.
So , if nothing else, it was just plain rude not to see him when we visited them.
So we did.
What I found was the man I used to know, grown wise but lonely. The woman he left my mother for has passed. My mother has passed, God rest her soul. Except for Max, Dad lives alone. Max is an ancient Bichon Frisse (sp?) who is even more spoiled than my dogs and that is saying something.
This past Sunday we got to New Mexico, had one day to unpack and make beds, clean and get food in the house then Dad arrived Tuesday. Dad is a perfectionist and I am quite sure the house fell short of perfect. I did manage to get clean sheets on his bed, wipe down his bathroom, dust the furniture and get clean towels up. Did I mention he is a perfectionist? (coughcough) Oh well, at least the food was decent (stroganoff n salad ) and we got to take him to Zebediahs.
We also got to go to the DAV Viet Nam Memorial with him but it wasnt open to the public ( we still got to walk around it ) as they are getting ready for a big ceremony...Viet Vet's at Zeb's stopped by our table to speak to Dad, find out when he was there and what units he served with. It was good to see him talk about it....he never did in the past.
I am definately sure now why I have such an inferiority complex when it comes to intellect. This man remembers everything. What county we are in, who the politicians are, what the climate is as far as race and religion name it and he knows it and thats only the local stuff. I still feel like a dunder head around him but he says he is "easy" with everything. Sure doesnt feel that way to me. Now Max is a different story...hopefully my dogs will be as well mannered when they get here but somehow I dont think so. Ok, I know not. Maybe they will learn since most of the dogs here (except for Dad's) are at least 4x their size. Or not....we shall see what we shall see.

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