Sunday, May 30, 2010

Hummingbirds and Harleys

We hung a hummimngbird feeder and within hours it was discovered by a host of the little guys. We have seen, and John has taken pictures, of one of the most amazing of God's creatures. They are the smallest of all birds and the only ones who can hover in midair and even fly backwards. Aerodynamic marvels who flash their amazing colors.....brilliant green, gray with a ruby throat but you have to look fast , as they are here then gone in blink of an eye. Some of these birds have to consume up to 5x their own weight every day ( can you imagine having to do that???) just to survive. We have seen many other birds but cant as yet identify them. In time maybe?
There are also scores of chipmunks here. John was in what I will loosely call the "backyard" and everytime he would turn his back one would pop up behind him to see what he was doing. At this point in time the back is a collection of rocks, more rocks and larger rocks. Lots of places to hide.
Havent seen any of the predators who live here....a tree has been marked by bear in the front of the house but no sign of the one who marked it. I am perfectly ok with not meeting him or her.
We have also been told that a male elk runs 7 or 8 females through this area in rutting season but that comes later in the season.
Being outside here is truly being in God's cathedral, the beauty and wonder of His creation is beyond description. The silence is a blessing. I had forgotten how wonderful it is to not hear cars screeching, sirens blaring day and night....only the sounds of His creatures. (Unfortunately hummingbirds sound like hawaii b52 cockroaches and that will take some getting used to!)
I love it here : )

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