Monday, May 31, 2010

In Memory of....

It seems trite and redundant to simply say "in memory of those who serve or have served , those who have paid the ultimate sacrifice " yet how can we not say this?
How can we make it less impersonal and more internal? The words of gratitude have been spoken in this country, not just for a few years or a few decades but for centuries. Since this country was graced by God to come into existance we have had men ready to die fighting for her. Women too...though we most often paid in different ways.
And yes, for those of us of different races it has been different deaths and different fights. Yet we still come to the common denominator that this is our land, that we love this country, that we are American. Maybe we were not born to it....I was and feel blessed to have been so. But my great grand parents were not... nor were my husbands family. No matter where we originate from on this planet, we all originate from Him and we have been made American by His great plan.
We are well and truly blessed. Never, ever forget those who have fought our battles so that we and our children could sleep in peace at night. May the Lord bless them and make His light to shine upon them.

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