Monday, May 24, 2010

WOW What a far

We left Hawaii on Wednesday night and flew to Denver (only 6+ hours but felt like 60) then a short hop to Colorado Springs took longer to get on the plane and taxi than it did to fly to CS.
We had two hours to kill (yawn) before Keith's (eldest grandson) high school graduation....we had leis sent from Hawaii and they arrived however grandson did not. He competes in track and field and qualified for the state competition which was slated to end shortly before the graduation no. I totaly understand why, after 4 years of blood sweat and tears, he would choose to be where he was but it was still a bit of a disappointment not to see him in his cap and gown. Soooo ....when he did get home we made him put them on and got pics after the fact (maybe we can photoshop him in to the other pics : )
On Saturday we went to Denver to see him compete in the rest of his events and he was brilliant, placing 5th in the state for 300m hurdles and 5th in the 4x400m. Yayyyyy Keith!!!
Sunday started with a challenge....John found a catholic church for me on his gps so off I went full of confidence...Haha! Wrong. They built a new church and John had sent me to a bingo hall. Oh joy. I do SO love being no. Eventually I did find the new one and it was wonderful. A truly beautiful pentecost message and views out the windows of Pike's Peak. HIS work is truly amazing. What blessing!!
Rushed back to Tessa's house to join John , Jonathan and Jessica for an exploratory church visit to find the kids a new church home....YAYYYYY WE DID (we think....John's pastor will check out their articles of faith and let us know if its as good as it seems. Their message seems right on target as believers but the fine points need to be checked out by someone more knowledgeable than we are. They have a dynamic youth program and a very nice youth pastor, which is what they left in Hawaii. Another blessing...another prayer answered.
After all the various church services we met Keith for breakfast, packed up and headed for New Mexico.
We are FINALLY here and its amazing. Last time we were here we couldnt use the front door because the snow was too deep and now its actually visual and usable. We also found the wood for the fireplace that was buried which will come in handy next year. We read in the Angel Fire newspaper that the bears were out and hungry and apparently one has marked an aspen right by the garage door. I want to meet the neighbors but not those neighbors! So far we have seen a mule deer and a chipmunk and a few bluebirds ( they are pretty but crap on everything) and hummingbirds. Havent heard any coyotes yet but we know they are there....puts a whole new spin on WILDlife ....oh my.
John has been busy moving furniture in from the garage and we have a dining table and chairs but still no bed. Thankfully the mattress is here or this would be a very cranky post. It is almost too quiet here. ( Look honey...a CAR!!) After sleeping with ambient noise for the last 30 years, quiet is disconcerting. Without dogs howling, sirens blaring at all hours and cars 24/7 I cant sleep. Hopefully that will pass.

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