Thursday, February 10, 2011

And I thought it was cold before....wrong!!!

I do remember previous posts, where I spoke about the cold. Ha.

First, let me say that John got home safely before snowzilla hit. Thank you God. I can not imagine him driving through what we got hit with ( actually, I can imagine it and I am so very grateful and it is such a blessing that he did not have to do that!!)

I thought it "only" got to -26 however have found out since then that with the wind chill it was at least -40. As my son in law Thomas says...holy cannoli.

We got between 14 and 16 inches of the white stuff and although it was wonderous and beautiful its too cold for humans. Or dogs....they realllllly didnt like it. Piddle and LET ME BACK IN THE HOUSE PLEASE. The only good thing about it was that they could no longer rush up the driveway to bark at cars. They were stuck...being way too short to get through that much snow.
Lady, craziest of the woofs, still went out and tunneled her way through it for a short distance but the rest of them were done after 60 seconds.

I have heard since then that 30% of the homes in Angel Fire had pipes burst and we were blessed that neither the house nor the condo had that issue. Truly, truly a blessing. Maybe its the extra added heat John brings....both to my heart and to the house that made the difference.

And I wish I could say I have been a wonderful, loving wife since he got here but the truth is that once I have been on my own for a few weeks, I get rather " independant" aka " dont tell me what to do". Asking is fine but when I get "told" what to do, there are..... um .... issues. I pray about it...I truly do. And I will ask Him to give me patience and the gift of silence ( huge sigh here ) but I am not really the suffer-in-silence type. No....I am a yammer, yeller, holler, gripe, grumble HORRIBLE type. I am the worst wife possible when it comes to silent submission. Period, end of story. And though I do pray, when I am TOLD something instead of asked, I explode.

Please pray for me so that he still wants to come home, although I do understand if he doesnt want to. I dont think I would want to come home to me .....even if i cook good.

Just pray, please.

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