Wednesday, February 2, 2011

The trees in winter

Today when "we" got up....that is the dogs and was -9 degrees below absolute zero....wayyyyyy different than below 32 which is freezing for us fahranheit was COLD.

And are the birds, who live in feathers, not insulated homes *coughsnortcough* which are warm. Ok ...for the most part ( especially the upper part ) the house is mostlykindasorta warm. Mostly.

But here are these birds..and they are just some among many, that live here year round in a nest. Are you kidding me?

How could you NOT believe in Him when he has creatures so delicate and of such fragile beauty who live through weather like this for weeks at a time...or is it months..... cold that I have problems dealing with for a few minutes at a time. (Breathe....owwww....breathe.....owwwwwwwww ) Amazing, what He can do, isnt it?

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