Tuesday, February 22, 2011

If its not one thing......

You know the rest....its another. And at least lately, it seems to involve our bathroom.

We have had snow...lots of it. Then the weather got warm....warmer than my bathroom used to be. The heat in there works now...found out the wires were crossed with the bedroom. This meant that if the bedroom was set at 80 degrees, the bathroom got warm. So the mastermind who had installed the wiring ( wrongly labeled by the plumber...dont ask me as I am still confused ) uncrossed the mixed up lines and the bathroom is now warm and so is the bedroom...Yay!!

But I digress. The weather got warm and the tons, literally, of snow pack and ice starts sliding off the roof. I call them roof-quakes because the whole house shudders and shakes when the slides start. I walk into the bathroom to the steady drip,drip,drip of a leak. Which, oh joy, is coming down in front of the toilet. From around the light fixture in the ceiling. Cough. Meaning, at least in my small mind, that going to the bathroom could turn into an electrifying experience. Not a good thing really....exciting maybe, but not very good, health wise. Turns out the last roof-quake bent the same vent pipe that got bent last year and around which we had the builder put snow blockers meant to prevent this very thing from happening. Sigh.

Someone did show up and sprayed foamy stuff out of a can that will (hopefully) stop the leaking until spring when it can be ( again ) fixed. I had no idea moving to the mountains would be such an educational experience.

Another exciting discovery has been finding all the little doggie gifts, previously covered by snow. Somehow I thought they would compost themselves and disappear. Um...no. And when they melt....well, lets just say they are just as disgusting to step in as when they were first deposited. Lovely. So the driveway, now a slushy muddy mess, is also rather fragrant from what is not mud. I kind of hope it snows again.

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  1. Sounds like new home building adjustments and as far as the dog deposits...I found out like you that they don't go away...like walking through a minefield after the snow melts...Okay on to better things...Your beautiful home, scenery and soon to come spring....Pics always welcomed and enjoyed...

    P.S. I enjoy your blog