Sunday, February 13, 2011

What a difference a day ( or three ) makes

A few days ago we were shivering beneath the blast of an arctic chill...yanno...more of that global warming stuff and today its almost shirt sleeve weather. Or if you are from the north east, its bathing suit time. It is in the 50's and balmy...relatively speaking. And the world, once white and pristine, has turned to mucky mushy slop. I used to wonder why all the cars and trucks here were so nasty: now I know. Mine is no exception.

I did take the Escape ( sooo appropriately named ) to the car wash not long ago, then crawled up the mountain, trying to miss the muck. When what to my wondering eyes should appear ( yes, I know, its plagerism at its finest ) but a car screaming up behind me, going at least 35 mph. Don't laugh...on this road thats high speed!! And this guy had the temerity to HONK. Are you kidding me???? Its not like this is the city and if people want to speed like that, all you can do is pull over and hope they dont splash your almost, nearly still clean car. Which of course I did.

The clean lasted until the day before John got home, when I had to venture into the village again. Now it looks like its never been washed. Sigh. Not like I am big on immaculate vehicles. No, personally I know they drive pretty much the same, dirty or clean but this is one of those "losing battles" and while I will make the attempt from time to time, I think for the most part, the Escape is going to be a salty, muddy mess. At least until late which time it will be covered in dust. Me? I will take the dust.

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