Sunday, June 13, 2010

Happy Birthday to Gracia Ruth : )

A truly great birthday for Miss Gracie ( how did she get to be 2 so quickly...and for that matter, its not possible that Keiferman is 18 ...holycrap ) No drama and at this age Gracie still likes the wrapping as much as the gift inside. She was DEFINATELY not ok with lighting the candles on fire ....eyes got big as saucers could be pretty sure she was thinking " helllooooooo, why are you setting my cake on fire, people?????". What a fun, no stress, enjoyable birthday party!!
Its like my mom usta say " the older you get , the more like a train going downhill " refering to the passing of time. I am pretty sure just last month Keith was a baby (no way he turned 18 in December) and Tia was still in high school.
Now Tia's 3rd isnt a baby.

Good thing my friend in Holland sends me perpetual calendars to keep track of birthdays !!!! Melissa and Tom's baby will make grandkidlet number


Old and older


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